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maandag, maart 28, 2005

Soll ich mit Freude oder Folterung beginnen?

Mein Kleiner Dämon came over on Saturday night after my eight and a half hours of work. I fed him some of my turkey dinner which was left over from my families gathering I didn't wish to participate in. After some convincing I got him to go for a walk with me. We went to a large hill with pillars on it that wasn't to far from my house, but I have never in my life been to. The city looked so beautiful that night. We went back to his car and I nattered on about my chance of future insanity because of my current mental condition and he smoked as he listened...which actually sounds like most women upon talking to men (but he had trouble getting me to talk more when we first met...and I only natter sometimes). Finally he started his car and we drove around for awhile. Upon stopping somewhere, we caused some disturbance to some people who lived there and the police (who aimed their flashlight us, trying to blind us and chase us away from doing drugs and having gay sex in the playground parking lot...which there is no logic in). We returned to my home where we planned on having a shower together until my family came waltzing through the door. The rest of the evening was rather delightful...but I wish not to bore weary readers.
Und jetzt die Folterung...
On Sunday, I asked my Kleiner Dämon to go with me to the Moon. We picked and pryed at each other for an hour before even getting to the Moon. I left him to sit alone. Cars stopped for the little girl sitting all by herself on the ground to offer rides and to see if she was alright. The police even stopped to watch me to make sure I wasn't hooking in broad daylight (and a truck stopped for me while the police were watching me when I started walking. The police always put their noses where they don't belong...unless I was an actual prostitute). I asume I was thought of as either doing drugs, a hooker, injured/beaten or a runaway. Eventually I found him (namenlos?), and we went to the Moon. After he complained about an old man watching us we further walked in bitterness. He tried moving on, but I was in bitter disposition (pointed more at him then usual). Pain struck my heart and it burned like a raging fire. We sat around abandond festival grounds, digging deeper wounds into each other. After numbness of the heart and bottom, we departed to his vehicle. Spending 3 dull hours positioned in his friends living room, across the room from each other. Sullen, alone, and miserable I sat watching three males periodically converse with one another. The morons on the television invaded their minds (and these people were actual morons two. One lit 90 firecracks off on his chest). Freedom and escape arose. Upon driving me home, we agreed on saying I was bitter on the grounds of instability.
What a horrible way to cave into arguements.

As of today, I finally have a nicer sheet to be my curtains. I have lived in this room for years and replaced my flower sheet cutains a couple months ago for a green plastic garbage bag and an old black shirt of mine. Now it is a lovely dark striped bed sheet that makes my room much darker. How pleasing. I'm slowly altering my room at the moment because it need a change and some serious tidying. The only problem I am now faced with is the fact that I'm going to the Farmer's Market and maybe the Antique Market this weekend...horrible weakness. Yay junk!
Such a beauty sits and waits for me to buy it. A darling Dracula poster, just waiting to become part of my wall. Bela Lugosi has become an obsession of mine. Such a strange but wonderful man.

vrijdag, maart 11, 2005

So haben Sie auf außerdem zupfen... zurückgegriffen

I was a good girl and gave him a request...he did the same and we both are having astrological problems...(it makes sense to me)

A brand new sweater abandoned (it had the tags on it still), is now my homeless man sweater. If I was a homeless male, I would cross dress. Why? Because one shouldn't be picky if they need something so cover them up.

Ich würde töten, damit eine Weise ärgerliche Kinder tötet, die meinen Keller besetzen, screaming lauten Unsinn!
In desparation, I hope to escape the walls I am trapped within.
Well this was rather pointless...

donderdag, maart 10, 2005

Ich nie beantrug, die Position von Hero... also erwarte nicht viel von mir.

I have been happier lately. After another pointless fight between us and I told him out of a realization that he will never have a lasting relationship outside of me because I'm the only person who can constantly put up with him. He agreed. I know him reasonably well it seems.
The moon is such a pretty place to live. Cold and dark, but you have one Hell of a view...outside of a senior citizens complex and a bus depo. Two occupants, merely children, who kiss and touch and gaze down upon the colorful marble.

I cleared out my closet. There was much discussion about my darling living in someones closet, and I'm the only one with a walk in closet...but my bed is a few inches too big length wise. I still think the idea isn't too bad...which would also mean I have to sleep in my cold demon closet. But I'm going to make it a secret hiding place, or a fort (childish? Ja Ich Wissen Sie).

Ich bin lächelnd und lachend, und mein Liebling, ist es Ihre ganze Störung.