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woensdag, september 22, 2010

Random Jumble Before Good Radio Listening...

Firstly, I had a little relapse in the mental health department. Feeling much better after the fact. Always helps to let a little insanity out in small bursts...I think. Definately need to let it all out as it's eating away at me and I'm destroying my relationships with others when I let it out unknowingly.
Secondly, I don't want to remove the only form of contraception that has worked for me. I kinda want to just disapear and never go to the appointment to remove it (2 more years). Hurt a lot to go in, fear taking it out...It's my safety net with random bouts of pain.
Thirdly, "I'm so mad at myself, I don't want to talk to myself or look at my face in the mirror." Haha, odd little quote I wrote myself. When you are so used to hiding away from people, you kinda get sick of your own shit.

Radio is driving me nuts. FM doesn't seem to work in the house, AM is loud and clear...The one show I've decided to listen to until Coast to Coast AM comes on, is infuriating. Fun to listen to while running around the city with nothing to say to the other person in the car. Not so much while trying to paint cards for friends. The opera is nice though. Seems random and not like what is actually on the radio.

Living in my head, in my dreams. It's nice as life is more interesting for me (this coming from someone who lives in an odd little world to begin with). Definately helps with the going to sleep issue. I have to make up things that will never happen, because they never will happen. It could just be forsight or wishful dreaming...yeah...weird...natter natter...Creepy.

Ooh, time to go...yay!