Falling Into Insignificant Lies And Living Through Falsities...Everything Is Chaotic And Delectable Distorted Imagery... "They tend to be suspicious, bristly, paranoid-type people with huge egos they push around like some elephantiasis victim with his distended testicles in a wheelbarrow terrified no doubt that some skulking ingrate of a clone student will sneak into his very brain and steal his genius work." ~WSB

zaterdag, mei 07, 2005

Der kleine Vogel verläßt das Nest...

I am getting out of my house. I informed my parents of my departure...on their anniversary. What a lovely daughter I am. I have so much excitement within me, and I have been packing everytime I go into my room. They already have plans for my room, so their are completely oblivious to the fact that I'm not taking all my crap because I don't want everything in my room. I have so much I need to get done before next weekend when I plan on leaving.
With the people I know, I am rather non-existant because of my abnormal tendancies and views. Being alone is nice for the most part, but being completely alone shows how unappreciated I am to be alive and how I could die and be forgotten within a day.
Er muß ein sein Oberteil verlassen. Er muß in Satanism auskennen.

maandag, mei 02, 2005

Übermäßiges Lebendes Menschliches Gewicht.

Look at me! I am a burden on the shoulders of all those who know me. I am what creates the curvature in their spines. The shoulders that slump down and inwards, the sore back and neck, even headaches from compusive fist beatings-all from me. Will you die for me?

I am rather popular through a misfortune. A girl I find rather appealing knew something she shouldn't have about me and scared my dear friend. I thought I was merely a shadow amongst the students who go to my school. I need to confront someone to see how this all came about.

Another piece in my life's puzzle. I am very abstract and bazaar to those who don't really live their lives (these beings are my friends and acquaintances).
He is keeping me as his own. He is remaining in loyal intercourse. I never meant so much to a living thing before.