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zondag, april 25, 2010

Slight Alterations...

Hmm...well hello again. How I do ignore this strange place. Not intentionally, of course.

I'm alone. Not in the old dramatic way where everything was put so dreary (oh dear, how pathetic I did sound). My lovely roomies are away (well at least the female is pleasant. Her hubby and I behave like children and I'm not the big, mean older sibling anymore. Crap! We do have our good moments though and he's a darling). Time to be naughty! I could walk around naked if I wasn't cold for some strange reason. If we actually had a living room, I could through on some porn and wank if I pleased (is wank/er/ing a term that can even be associated with females?). No, that would be creepy, what with my cat thinking THAT would be the time to cuddle and all. *shiver* Also, the spy cameras I believe that constantly watch me. *picks nose...giggles quietly to self*
It's weird being alone and I think I've forgotten what to do with myself. Watched Flashdance and almost started crying (her grandma died...my grandma died and I've been trying to understand the mourning period as its been almost a year and I haven't mourned). Forced myself to stop any tears. Watching Metalocalypse to change my mood a smidge.

The last time I wrote, I was a wretched drunk, hanging out with people who could care less about me...Things have changed greatly. There have been some amazing people who have taken me into their lives (as it seems people kind of adopt me as their own). I love each and everyone of them. They are the main reason I am doing so much better and I thank them.

So, I'm almost done with the silly (awesome) metal show. Time for bed so I can get up bright and early to go to the Comicon!